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Oklahoma COVID-19 Second Dose Paths

The Oklahoma State Department of Health has updated their FAQs to include new instructions regarding 5 different paths you can follow to secure a second dose appointment. FAQs found at and are copied below. THD is following Path 1.

1️⃣ If you received specific instructions from the staff at the time you received your first dose, follow those instructions.

➡ They may have given you a card or told you to come back at a certain day/time to receive your second dose. This is your appointment.

➡ You do not need to schedule an appointment, they have already set it for you.

2️⃣ If you used the portal to register and schedule your first dose, use the portal to book your second dose.

➡ After your first dose appointment is complete, you will receive an email with a link to book your second dose.

➡ Use that link to locate the vaccine center location, date and time you want to receive your second dose.

➡ Look for vaccine clinics entitled “BOOSTER 2nd DOSE,” as these clinics have been specifically set up to serve people seeking their second dose.

3️⃣ If you did not use the portal to register or schedule your first dose, you can still use the portal to book ONLY a second dose.

➡ You should register at, paying special attention to the question asking “Will this be your first COVID-19 vaccine dose?” Be sure to answer “no” to this question to indicate you are seeking your second dose.

➡ After you answer “no” you will receive a series of questions. The first question will be “Was your first vaccine appointment booked from this portal?” You should answer “no.”

➡ You will then be asked, “Please select from the dropdown list below to show your vaccine type - Pfizer or Moderna.” You will need to indicate the type of vaccine you received for your first dose. This can be found on the immunization record card that was given to you at the time you received your first dose.

4️⃣ If you used the portal to register and schedule your first dose, but you haven’t received an email with a link to book your second dose, you can re-register through the portal.

➡ Before you re-register, check your spam folder to ensure your email isn’t there. We have received many reports of confirmation emails going to spam folders, so there is a good chance it may have gone to spam.

➡ As you re-register through the portal, you will need to use either a new email address, or additional details in your name (for example, spelling out your full, legal middle name). You cannot re-register with identical personal information.

➡ You are able to re-register and indicate you are seeking your second dose by following the instructions for “Path C” above.

5️⃣ If all else fails, you can call 211 and they can assist in scheduling your appointment. You will need to provide your name and phone number and tell the call center staff that you need a second dose appointment call back. A staff member from the health department in your county of residence will return your call within 7-10 business days to manually schedule your second dose appointment outside the scheduling portal. We recommend this solution as a last resort because it will take much longer to arrange your appointment this way, and we ask your patience as our county health department staff work to set up your appointment.

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